We enrich our customers with creative designs, enhances applications, and offer good application support to put our customers in a better position in the competitive digital market.
Technologically Disruptive Opportunities

ServiceNow Solution

We reimagine business models to automate processes. Our ServiceNow product line expertise focuses on five main areas: GRC, ITSM, ITAM, Security Operations and Smart Custom Application Development.

ServiceNow GRC Module focuses on transmuting enterprise-wide incompetent practices into an incorporated risk program. Via uninterrupted monitoring and automation, the applications deliver an instantaneous interpretation of compliance and risk, decision making is optimized and performance across the organization along with vendors increases.

IT Service Management (ITSM) module in ServiceNow delivers scalable workflow for managing and delivering the IT services to the end-users through a single cloud-based solution. ITSM solution helps in increasing the support staff’s productivity, resolving the issues quickly and improving the user satisfaction.

ServiceNow Asset Management module offers automating the IT asset lifecycle by tracking the financial, contractual and inventory details of the devices as the associated hardware components and the non-IT assets, throughout the lifecycle.

With Security Operations module, security analysts and vulnerability managers can effortlessly automate their security tools and communicate with IT by working in an integrated platform.

Now is the time to transform your business processes into digital workflows to deliver faster, and smarter experiences. Dx Digital Technologies builds business applications from the scratch and/or enhances your ServiceNow applications per your business requirements and convenience.

Bringing 10+ years of experience in providing IT transformation services to the enterprise customers.We offer flexible and cost-effective and look forward for streamlining the process used on the ServiceNow platform.We believe in long-term partnership with our customers and excel in providing end-to-end services for adopting and growing the ServiceNow platform.

Enable your employees to submit incidents and requests, manage tasks, and access company resources from anywhere using the now mobile app.

The Continuous Authorization and Monitoring (CAM) application applies ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management to the NIST Risk Management Framework and other high assurance frameworks. CAM makes it easy to automate more of the work of RMF in the platform, manage all stages of RMF, and authorize systems faster and easier.

We are a ServiceNow Partner

MB Information Technology

We aim to enhance the productivity of companies or organizations and facilitate the management of workflow.

MB Information Technology is a conspicuous software company that focuses on helping other companies develop into digital enterprises. It allows companies to work digitally, improving relationships and interaction with customers, employees, and partners.
MB Technology

CRAFT Platform, Services and Capabilities

Our integrated cloud-based referral and workforce management Platform is based on Service Now workflow management system, Documentation, reporting and performance dashboards. It is a well thought framework which is designed support businesses in healthcare and childcare services. 


Craft Service Delivery Platform solves challenges in this industry sector

(CCSD) Childcare Service Delivery

Our platform provides accurate, up-to-date information that is easily accessible to Childcare team members across the healthcare services. The ability to securely communicate and exchange referrals with other Child Care providers electronically outside of your four walls and connect to other portals.
(SNSD) Skilled Nurse Service Delivery

Our cloud-based platform offers an end-to-end toolset to help you thrive as a Skilled Nurse and as a business. With solutions for Skilled Nurse delivery and coordination, business intelligence and financial management, and dozens more, Craft empowers you to deliver the highest quality of care as effectively and efficiently as possible.
(DSD) Dental Service Delivery

Craft Platform delivers an effective and responsive dental referral management system for both patients and service users alike. DSD solution is an innovative, pro-active and responsive service provider focused on improving patient experience whilst driving up the quality and outcomes of dental care.
(TSD) Therapy Service Delivery

TSD has the right solutions to help your home health agencies to be more efficient, remain in compliance and adapt to the future of healthcare. From intake and scheduling to care plan documentation, our home care software allows you to simplify processes, so you can focus on improving outcomes.
CRAFT Delivery Platform simplifies communication, workflow, documentation and reporting for Health and Childcare industries
4 Strategic Core Values

Our Core Values

MD Technology always observes and respects standards of conduct in managing business and serving customers globally. We are committed to our employees, customers, partners, and society still acting with integrity.


Dedication to the satisfaction of the client defines the nature of our unwavering commitment.

Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence in delivery represents the core of our service profile. We never compromise quality.


The success of our delivery process is built on a firm framework of integrity.


The style of our approach is usually diverse from client to client yet unique.


A Digital Transformation Company

We aim to enhance the productivity of companies or organizations and facilitate the management of workflow.

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At MB Information Technology, we can improve the productivity of your business with Service Now Digital products. We offer software and support for our clients, to develop digital products, boost their operational capabilities and expand their marketing


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